Below is the information for telegraphic transfer or auto-pay arrangement.

Company (Payee) Name: Park View International Kindergarten Limited

Payee Address: Tower 18, Hong Kong Parkview, 88 Tai Tam Reservoir Road, Hong Kong

Bank Name: HSBC
Branch Address: Room 402A, 4/F, China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

Bank A/C No.: 400-247532-001
Bank Code of HSBC: 004

  • Our bank HSBC will deduct a commission charge of HK$15.00 (current rate) before the money is finally deposited into our account. Please add on top this charge when the TT is made. (*Only Apply to Oversea TT)
  • Remittance by TT sometimes goes through more than one intermediate bank before the money is deposited into our bank account. Please make provision for these charges when arranging the remittance.
  • Payment must be in Hong Kong Dollars
  • Instruct the banks to state the student’s name in their advice/statement to facilitate us identifying who the payer is.
  • Send us a copy of the transfer advice after transfer is made as it takes some time before the bank’s confirmation of transfer is posted to us.