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The School Board

Ryan Law
School Supervisor

Ella Lau
School Director

Henry Su
School Director

Vicky Feng
School Director

Management Team

Kitty Ho
Head of School

Elizabeth Loynd

Indira Gurung
Curriculum Manager

Sandy Evans
Administrative Manager

Mr Josh grew up in the United Kingdom. After teaching in a primary school in London...
Joshua Hunter
PYP Coordinator
Debbie Dou
Chinese Coordinator
Teaching Team

Candace is originally from South Africa. She completed a Bachelor of Law degree and after some...
Candace Card
Kathy is from Hong Kong. She obtained a secondary F.5 from Literary College in...
Kathy Cheung
Virginia Cheung
Katie grew up in Scotland and taught drama classes to school children while...
Katie Forsyth
Cynthia was born in Vancouver, Canada, and completed her secondary education in...
Cynthia Ho
Rebecca is from England and Hong Kong. She graduated with a Bachelor...
Rebecca Johnston
劉老師畢業於香港教育大學,並持有教育碩士學位,現正在 ...
Serena Liu
呂老師來自中國,在中國和香港都是合格註冊教師。她擁有暨南大學中國古代 文學碩士學位,遼寧 ...
Amy Lu
Amelia was born and raised in Namibia. She completed her studies in South Africa before...
Amelia Maree
Justyna is originally from Poland and lived in both the UK and in India for the past...
Justyna Rundle
Being the daughter of a diplomat, Swati travelled widely during her...
Swati Sroha
Joey Tseng
Since a young age, music has been an integral part of Xavier's life...
Xavier Wright
Carrie Zhao
Administrative Team

Venus Chan
Chief Accountant

Nora Cheung
Clerical Officer

Support Team

Auntie Hung

Auntie Ching

Auntie Hei