Staff Profile

The School Board

Vicky Feng
School Supervisor

Ella Lau
School Director

Henry Su
School Director

Management Team

Kitty Ho
Head of School

Elizabeth Loynd

Indira Gurung
Curriculum Manager

Don began his career in the music industry before becoming a full-time teacher...
Don Cruz
PYP Coordinator
Shan Shan Wong
Chinese Coordinator
Teaching Team

Arianne was born in the Philippines and grew up in Hong Kong. She studied...
Arianne Baldesimo
Rajveer Bhatti obtained her education from India and Hong Kong...
Rajveer Bhatti
Helga grew up in a small town in South Africa. While studying...
Helga Brandt
Half British and half Chinese, Rachel was born and raised in...
Rachel Fong
Aliesha grew up in Perth, Western Australia, before moving to Hong Kong in 2019. Holding numerous certifications in Early...
Aliesha Gleave
Lisa Ho
Yuen Man Ho
Cheryl was raised in international schools in Hong Kong starting with her...
Cheryl Lau
Originally from Toronto, Canada, Connie has been in the early childhood...
Connie Lau
Penny Pan
Tina is from Surrey in England. She has worked with children and young people for over 20 years in a variety of settings...
Tina Reed
Tina is from the U.K., where she qualified as a Nursery Nurse (N.N.E.B.)...
Ting Ng Thursby
Jasmine Sou is from Vancouver, Canada. She obtained a PGDE qualification...
Jasmine Sou
Jeshica is from Nepal, but calls Hong Kong home having lived here most...
Jeshica Tamang
Abigail Tang
Katniss Tang
Anita Tsui
Laurinda comes from South Africa and has been living and teaching in Hong Kong for the past four years. She obtained her Post...
Laurinda Van Der Walt
Ms Tayla is a passionate and dedicated kindergarten teacher from South Africa with a deep love for nurturing young minds...
Tayla Weyer
Tiffany Wong
Since a young age, music has been an integral part of Xavier's life...
Xavier Wright
Astro Wong
Anny Yang
Tonya Zheng
Karen Zhou
Administrative Team

Venus Chan
Chief Accountant

Amy Lee
Accounting Officer

Tracy Dung
School Secretary

Rebecca Choi
School Secretary

Support Team

Auntie Angel

Auntie Fun

Auntie Ivy

Auntie Kitty

Auntie Kwan

Auntie May

Auntie Winnie