Language Enhancement Programme

Our Language Enhancement Programme is an optional afternoon programme every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for children who are age 3-4 years old. This programme is an extension of the learning in the Nursery programme, in which the unit of inquiry will be continued in the form of language-related activities, supplemented with learning of mathematical concepts.

Children who enroll in this programme have the option of attending the English Enhancement Programme (EEP) or the Putonghua Enhancement Programme (PEP).

English Enhancement Programme (EEP): In this programme, the unit of inquiry is explored through a focus on language. Children share ideas and opinions, discuss stories, experiences or videos, and organise and represent their understanding in a variety of ways. In addition to unit-related language activities, children will develop their language further by building their knowledge of phonics through language games and rhymes, begin guided reading and enjoy listening to stories.

Putonghua Enhancement Programme (PEP): This programme continues the unit of inquiry in a fully immersive Chinese environment. All lessons are taught in Putonghua, using mainly games, stories and songs. Children follow instructions, listen to stories, sing songs, express themselves in simple phrases or ask questions in Chinese. They learn to recognise unit-related Chinese characters through games.

ACT: ACT is a supplementary programme in addition to EEP or PEP, exploring drama, arts, science, and cookery activities using English as the medium of instruction. This class takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.